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EXACTA manufactures traditional linking machines for knitwear and socks, machines for similar-linking and cup seamer for closing fully fashioned garments.


EXACTA renews its offer by proposing, in addition to a wide range of cutting-edge and technological linking machines, a consultancy specifically addressed to companies in the sector. A service that makes our offer all the more complete and which is based on 70 years of experience, validating our expertise in various types of production lines, different in terms of quality and production quantities.

Our team knows very well the different needs of companies set up to large numbers and standard quality in comparison to small niche manufactures, with high quality and small numbers, characterized by agile structure and dedicated production technologies.

Whatever the type of company that caters to us, our experts provide tailored solutions, which in some cases led to a production increase even by 55-60% compared to production lines using the traditional technology and layout.

We are also able to suggest how to increase production flexibility, cutting labor costs related to packaging and linking.

Some examples? On a production line of 500 garments in 10 hours it is possibile to scale down from 18 to 9 the operators working on the linking machines.

Our offer is based on two types of production lines

Standard production line

for large quantities use: Exacta Master Overlock, Exacta CupSeamer, Exacta Maxi, Exacta Quasar.


Luxury production line

with highest quality for small quantities use: Exacta Ultravision, Exacta Stoptronic, Exacta Maxi.


For any suggestions or advice you can contact our sales department.

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