Upgraded electronics
The new X60e is equipped with the latest generation of electronics, motors and encoders.

New Design Software
Our ‘See what you knit’ software allows designers to see what the fabric will look like before setting up the machine.

The X60e not only knits all kinds of scarves, but also produces a wide range of textile products – shawls, dresses, children’s wear, as knitted inserts (as a front panel or sleeves in a sweater knitted on a flat knitting machines), side stripes for sweat suits, bags, ski hats, bed covers, curtains and both hand knitting and industrial fantasy yarns.

Low production costs
The scarf as a product, has very low manual labor, make up and finishing costs [knit – steam (a few wash) – cut the fringes – put it into a bag and the scarf is ready for market].

High production capacity
The X60e produces between 20 and 60 full lengths scarves per hour (depending on the gauge of the machine and knitting 2 scarves at a time with a length of 180 cm).

With the high production capacity and low production costs most of our customers amortize the cost of the machine within the first year!


A double flat-bed warp knitting machine controlled by microprocessor.
Needle bed widht 23” (584 mm).
Available gauges: 3 – 5 – 7 – 10.
Motorized needle bed racking movement (up to 7 racking positions depending on the gauge).
Electronic timing.
Estimated time to change gauges = 2 hours.
New motor controlled, programable fabric take down system.
New expanded PC based software.
Main motor 3 phase, 1,5 Kw, 380V/50Hz.
No compressed air needed.
Dimension: 110 x 80 x 140 cm.
Weight: about 280 Kg.
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