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Caperdoni and Exacta

Caperdoni and Exacta

After a through viability evaluation Caperdoni and Exacta have come to a definitive agreement for the production, marketing and service
of scarf knitting machines.
From today the Caperdoni X60e model is produced in the Exacta Company in Treviglio.

> Caperdoni X60e



Video available on Facebook

We have now started the production of the new Exacta Splicer mod. 500 in our factory. We have the Europen Patent with extension for other Asiatic countries.

The main characteristics are:

  • Integrated air tank to ensure an autonomy at least of 20 knots
  • Compact dimension to ensure the use of Exacta Splicer even in narrow spaces, including inside of flat knitting machines
  • Possibility to knot a wide range of yarns
  • The high quality of the knot ensures a faultless high quality of knitting, reducing the breakage of needles

The Exacta Splicer mod. 500 can be used by one operator to easly maintain a group of 8-12 flat bed knitting machines, notably reducing machine stoppages due to the breaking of yarn, helping to ammortise the costs of the produci in a short space of time and allowing to make manufacturing savings in future production.

For delivery time and prices please contact Exacta sales office.

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