Hooked needle linking machine.
The garment is linked from the right side.


A bigger point dial, a comfortable central arm to give an easy manoeuvrability, better performances, new design.
FORMULA 1 is the new EXACTA linking machine with all the advantages and features required by an operator. The limit of the hooked-needle linking machines is usually a scarce elasticity.
A greater elasticity of the stitch has been achieved through our new patent, thus eliminating any possible claim on the finished garment.


Hooked needle on the inside of the point dial.
Thread feeder outside the main tub.
Simple chainstick to achieve maximum elasticity (1994 patent).
Point dial 18” (= 460 mm) positioned on roller bearings).
Points Stainless steel points tilted upwards for the benefit of the operator.
Lever device Convenient and easy to operate lever device to disengage the point dial.
Matic “Matic”, device which automatically engages the point dial when pressing the start ped.
Arm A compact arm placed on the plate leaving a complete visibility whilst the machine is in operation.
Measuring ring with calibrations in both directions.
Catch tray Clear catch tray.
Speed 1500 r.p.m. depending on the gauge.
Electric power: singlephase50/60 HZ.220v (inverter).


cupseamer formula1
maxi ultravision
ultravision-stoptronic masteroverlock
sprint quasar
power-inverter caperdoni

aqua aqua-compact issa-matic


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