Electronic stand suitable for the current range of linking machines.

Ergonomics – Stability – Sturdiness – Free from vibrations – Up-to-date design

The electronic stand is equipped with the POWER INVERTER to get an endless range of speeds.
This extremely powerful device activates the three-phase asynchronous motor through a negligible consumption of energy.

The function of the INVERTER, single-phase powered, is to produce three-phase alternated current in a range of Hertz varying from 0 to 100, thus allowing the variation of motor revs, and therefore the speed of the machine.

This comfortable stand gives the operator a great advantage:

  • Start-up and stop of the machine by pressing the push button with the left foot;
  • Change of the speed from the maximum allowed up to the desired speed, which can be set through an integrated control provided with a digital sorter, using the right foot.

The device complies with the strictest international regulations (CE – UL – cUL) as far as concerns the electric and electronic systems and electromagnetic compatibility.

Different pulleys will be fit to reduce of ½ or ¼ the speed of the machine according to the motor and depending on the models and gauges of the machine.

The linking machines will be supplied standard as follows:
220 V – 50/60 Hz


cupseamer formula1
maxi ultravision
ultravision-stoptronic masteroverlock
sprint quasar
power-inverter caperdoni

aqua aqua-compact issa-matic


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