Point to point linking machine for socks of all gauges.
Available in a wide range of gauges from 4 to 40.

The linking machine to join knitted edges with any type of yarn (included elastic yarn), when a linking with overlock stitch of great elasticity is required; to link all types of socks; to put on wrist bands or armbands on knitted underwear or outerwear; for body-belts finishing and to introduce rubber yarn.


Linking machine with two yarns and an overlock stitch

  • Highly curved needle fitted to the inside of the dial with its oscillating head pivoted in the centre for extra stability.
  • Point dial in continuous motion on roller bearings, Ø 408 mm (16” approx.).
  • Curved crochet needle oscillating with the needle movement.
  • Stop device in case of yarn breakage.
  • Excess fabric is trimmed by knives device and brushed away from the point.
  • Scissor device to trim between fabric pieces.
  • Adjustable yarn tension device for regular stitches
  • Rotating head.


cupseamer formula1
maxi ultravision
ultravision-stoptronic masteroverlock
sprint quasar
power-inverter caperdoni

aqua aqua-compact issa-matic


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